About us


Museum of Tomorrow is managed by IDG – Institute of Development and Management – a nonprofit social organization. Specialized in managing public cultural centers, IDG is responsible for Cais do Sertão Museum, in Recife. In Rio, it manages the State Park Libraries network.

MISSION: To develop people’s and organization’s potentials through the Arts and Culture, having in management our main instrument for accomplishment.

VISION: Knowledge, with its diverse sources, expressions and languages, is a fundamental asset in 21st Century's society. We believe the Arts and Culture are knowledge pillars that contribute to individual autonomy, communities’ plurality and cooperation between nations.

VALUES: Joy, Optimism, Compromise, Cooperation and Affectivity, Trust, Respect

President: Ricardo Piquet

Chief Curator: Luiz Alberto Oliveira

Operations and Financial Director: Henrique Oliveira
Director of The Observatory of Tomorrow: Alfredo Tolmasquim
Director of The Laboratory of Activities of Tomorrow: Marcela Sabino
Planning and Performance Director: Vinícius Capillé
Audience Development Director: Alexandre Fernandes
Development Director: Renata Salles

Education Manager: Melina Almada
Content Manager: Leonardo Menezes
Administrative and Financial Manager: Carlos Mineiro
Planning and Performance Manager: Maíra Gallassini Costa
Human Resources Manager: Carolina Coelho
Operations Manager: Ulrike Rentschler
IT Manager: Eric Ribeiro
Community Relations Manager: Laura Taves
Communications Manager: Juliana Rocha
Events Manager: Bruno Stehling