Encouraging experimentation

LAA | Laboratory of Activities of Tomorrow
Photo: Antonio Pacheco / Museum of Tomorrow

Because the Museum of Tomorrow recognizes the impact of technological advances and changes that arise from productive activities it created a space specifically for innovation and experimentation: the Activities of Tomorrow Laboratory (LAA, by its Portuguese acronym).

The LAA has two main focuses: the effects and results of exponential technologies – artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, robotics, genomics, 3D printing, nanotechnology and biotechnology – and the future in the areas of work, urbanization, manufacturing and global food distribution. In order to develop these topics the space works on four fronts: education, activities, a creative residency program and exhibitions.

Courses are geared for a range of audiences and deal with a range of topics, including the Internet of things, wearable devices, an introduction to robotics and an online presence for seniors. The laboratory will offer workshops, group discussions and meetings as well as actions called “citizen science” in which people with no science background will work with experts to carry out research on local and global problems. In addition, the laboratory will organize challenges and software programming marathons, and support creative research projects.

“This is a space for transdisciplinary collisions of art, science and technology. The objective is to catalyze the introduction and adoption of new tools and processes to allow people to be more than just consumers. The aim is to help them become creators who are able to project possible scenarios and plan solutions that can impact their lives and the world,” explains Marcela Sabino, director of the LAA.

The LAA creative residency program will select innovators from around the world to spend three months working on a project in their field. Participants will be chosen for the quality of their work, the potential to affect social or environmental impact, and for their ability to develop projects in an interdisciplinary environment. The laboratory will also serve as a platform for researchers, startups, companies and creative people to share their projects and ideas. The space will host temporary exhibitions of works by Brazilian and international artists, prototypes and studies of new materials.

The Activities of Tomorrow Laboratory is sponsored by Banco Santander, also the master sponsor of the Museum of Tomorrow.