About the Museum

Photo: Cesar Barreto / Museum of Tomorrow

A new icon of the modernization of Rio de Janeiro’s harbor, the Museum of Tomorrow was born in the Praça Mauá as a science museum meant to explore, imagine, and conceive all the possibilities for constructing the future. 

An experimental museum, where the content is presented through a narrative that combines the accuracy of science with the expressiveness of art, using technology as a support in interactive environments and audiovisual and gaming facilities created from scientific studies conducted by experts and data released all over the world.

Designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the building - whose organic shapes were inspired by the bromeliads of the Botanic Garden of the city - occupies an area of 15 thousand square meters, surrounded by reflecting pools, gardens, a bike lane, and a leisure area, all adding up to 34.6 thousand square meters of the Píer Mauá.

The Museum of Tomorrow is an initiative of the administration of the city of Rio de Janeiro, conceived and carried out along the Roberto Marinho Foundation, an institution associated with the Grupo Globo, and has the Santander bank as its main sponsor. It also has the support of Shell, the administration of the state of Rio de Janeiro (through the Environment Office), and the Federal Government (through FINEP, the Projects and Studies Financing). The institution is part of a museum network supported by the Local Cultural Office. The IDG (Institute of Development and Management), a cultural non-profit, is responsible for the administration of the museum.