Connecting science to daily life

Photo: Byron Prujansky / Museum of Tomorrow

The Museum of Tomorrow is committed to promoting education and culture. It is designed to meet the challenge of uniting a city that is being reborn, to consider its origins and history, and the role of each one of us, of all of us today and on the horizon of the next five decades. Like the MAR, which was created in conjunction with a school – the School of Looking – the Museum of Tomorrow will fulfil an ethical duty to promote education by staying closely connected to its social, cultural and environmental context. 

An interdisciplinary team will lead guided tours for school groups and the public, facilitating the discussion of exhibit topics, the architecture of the museum, the Guanabara Bay and the historic region in which the museum is situated. The education program was designed to include and connect people of different ages and from different locations, with a range of education and socioeconomic levels. 

“Our work is based in science and culture educations. The objective is to foster the development of scientific thought by demystifying science and connecting it to daily life,” says Melina Almada, the Museum’s director of education.

The educational program starts its activities presented by BG Brazil, also maintainer of the Museum.