Inovanças - Creations Brazilian style

Main Exhibition
Inovanças: Creations Brazilian style
Tuesday, April 25th, 2017
Sunday, October 22nd, 2017
Temporary Exhibition
Tue - Sun 10am-5am

Creating, reinventing, connecting. What leads us to innovation? The paths are teeming with possibilities, detours and turns. Is there innovation without attempts? And what if you end up making a mistake? Is Brazil recognized as an avant-garde country? Playfully and through interactive and audiovisual language, the new exhibition of the Museum of Tomorrow "Inovanças - Creations Brazilian style" will make the visitor embark on a journey through the world of national creations, presenting great achievements and, in some cases, unrecognized talents, with the intention of, above all, inspiring other inventions. The Brazilian Ministry of Culture, the Museum of Tomorrow and Finep open the exhibition to the public on April 25th, and stays on until October 22nd.

“Inovanças” shows 40 innovations – from high to low tech, highlighting social technologies – that transform and benefit individuals and groups in all regions of Brazil and even abroad. The inventions are presented in videos, with the discourse of their creators, in person, with the exhibit of objects, and can occur even during the visit, with the participation of the public.